1. Location Code typically means your 2 or 3 digit alphanumeric code (found on your group's badge/ring or
on your account's dosimetry exposure report on the second line from the top in the middle)


2. Select the location code from the dropdown list, and your "Dosimetry Acct#" and "Ship To Address" will automatically
be populated.
3. Your "Person Responsible for Exchanging Dosimeters" will know your correct "Location Code".
4. Effective Date means the date you need to have dosimetry service started (dosimeters are typically received within 10
days of request) Or, if cancelling, it is the last day the dosimeter will be or has been worn.
5. Service Type
          New        - means adding a service or name(s).
          Change - means changing or correcting names or service.
          Delete    - means deleting name(s) or service.
6. There are two ways to login into the Dosimetry Service Request Application.
    If you have your SUNet ID, please use "SUNet ID login" to log into the application.
    If you do not have SUNet ID, please ask your department Dosimetry Coordinator for the username and password, then use
    the "Password Login" to get into the application.
    If your department does not have a username and password setup, you may request one using the "request password".
7. You may submit multiple requests in one form if these request have the same common information.
    Fill out the common information first, then click "Add More Rows" button to fill out other information for additional request(s).
8. For more questions, please contact Dosimetry Coordinator at:
    Phone: (650) 723-3203
    Email: dosimetry@lists.stanford.edu